What's your International Shipping policy?
We are happy to ship worldwide! Please note, if you live outside the US, you are responsible for any taxes, custom fees, sorting dues, or other amounts levied by your home country. Please check with your customs office if you are concerned about possible tariffs. We are not responsible if your package gets held in customs because the fees haven't been paid.

If your package is in customs and hasn’t been picked up within a reasonable timeframe, they will ship back to us. You will not receive a refund if the item was on sale or personalized. If you’d then like your package shipped back to you, you will need to pay shipping again.

I placed my order and realized that my shipping address is wrong. Can you fix it?
If you need your package shipped somewhere else, please let me know immediately by emailing me at mirandalmcnulydesigns@gmail.com. If your shipping address is not up to date at the time of the sale, and you change it after the order, it will not update automatically on my end. Miranda L McNulty Design is not responsible if the package is sent to the wrong address if the updated address has not been communicated. If the cost for shipment is higher to the new address, I will create a custom listing for the price difference.

Who is your shipping provider?
The United States Postal Service is my usual mail provider. I typically ship First Class Mail or Priority Mail. If you would like to upgrade your item to express shipping, please contact me.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing to retail shops. Please contact us for more information.

What is the best way to wash my t-shirt or sweatshirt?
My manufacturing partner uses DTG printing for all apparel items. For best results, they recommend the following when washing:
Step 1: Turn your T-shirt/sweatshirt inside out.
Step 2. Fill your washing machine with cold water.
Step 3. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach.
Step 4. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.
Step 5. Air Dry your item or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.

Please note, drying your item on high heat risks shrinking and fading of colors. If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help!